about me



Hi, I’m Grace!

Just a vegan who sometimes creates recipes and treats.

Lover of all things, but especially, family, fruits, and nature.

I like plans, lists, and organization (a slight obsession…)

One of my biggest passions is teaching and playing music.

I would choose a documentary over a fiction movie any day.

I love historical fiction, but am definitely NOT a fan of history lessons.

Eat m♥re plants.


Welcome to Just A Veg! 

This blog is simply my way of sharing my love of veganism and all it has to offer. I hope to inspire readers to live a more sustainable and healthy life.

Though I am generally a very private person, I hope I can make this a place of friendship and community and open the thoughts of my heart and release them to you all.

I am so thankful and blessed to be able to write about one of my biggest joys and passions!

So, take a look around, you’ll find all sorts of vegan recipes and lifestyle tips, as well as encouragement and motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for visiting, I love you all! ♥